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[ proh-bing ]


  1. examining, investigating, or exploring something in a deep or searching way:

    There was scarcely any discussion of the proposal—no probing questions, and no legal or ethical issues raised.


  1. the act or practice of examining, investigating, or exploring something in a deep or searching way:

    Constant probing of the night sky by scientists reveals an abundance of activity within our solar system.

  2. the act of examining or exploring something by means of a probe or any of various instruments, devices, etc.:

    Probing of the blocked duct was done under anesthesia.

  3. Computers. the process of scanning a network, database, webpage, web app, etc., in order to obtain information about its structure and any security weaknesses that could be used to launch an attack: undertaken either maliciously by hostile parties, or diagnostically and preventively by those wishing to improve security.

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Other Words From

  • pro·bing·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of probing1

First recorded in 1660–70; 2000–05 gauging fordef 3; probe ( def ) + -ing 2( def ) for the adjective sense; probe ( def ) + -ing 1( def ) for the noun senses

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Example Sentences

Elora Mukherjee, a Columbia Law School professor, said that certification for such a visa is the “basic minimum protection” that federal investigators can grant to the detainees who are willing to cooperate with their probe.

Asked about the probe, James, the attorney general of New York, said she could not comment on the probe because it is ongoing.

Police errors were rampant from the start, despite promises of a thorough probe, with the crime scene left initially unsecured and key figures not questioned for weeks.

From Ozy

Hopkins was escorted out of his workplace on Monday afternoon and told not to return until the investigation was completed, according to one of the officials familiar with the probe.

Baca is now in federal prison after a jury found he oversaw a plan to interfere with the federal probe into inmate abuses in the county jail system and later lied to prosecutors about his role.

“This is an era of probing to keep us off balance,” Comley said.

“Everyone has a preference,” the man says, probing Oberyn about whether he prefers the company of a man or a woman.

But Dave and his crew kept living the nightmare and probing the depths of depravity through their absurdist, folk-art horror-show.

He spent hundreds of hours talking with the Nazis in their cells, probing their past, motivations, and psyches.

Indeed, through all of this personal probing, Christie comes across as strikingly likable, charming, sympathetic even.

"You will have to get over that feeling," observed Mr. Carr, disregarding the hint, and taking out his probing-knife.

The wound after probing looked sufficiently like an ordinary incision to deceive any one.

One at a time they put us on the rack—probing each man's story down to the smallest detail.

No sooner had the caravan reached us than our attention was drawn to the faces of the camels probing the distance.

This additional probing caused her pain but she showed no signs not even by flinching.