of, relating to, or characteristic of a procession.
of the nature of a procession; moving in an orderly or regular succession, sequence, or the like.
of a style, design, etc., customarily used in processions: processional regalia.
sung or played during a procession, as a hymn, march, etc.


a piece of music, as a hymn or slow march, suitable for accompanying a procession.
a book containing hymns, litanies, etc., for use in religious processions.

Origin of processional

1400–50; (noun) late Middle English: service book < Medieval Latin prōcessiōnāle, noun use of neuter of prōcessiōnālis in a procession; (adj.) < Medieval Latin prōcessiōnālis; see procession, -al2, -al1
Related formspro·ces·sion·al·ly, adverbnon·pro·ces·sion·al, adjectiveun·pro·ces·sion·al, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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  • As the processional order of the race deteriorated into the chain reaction chaos of an accident, it was compelling viewing.

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    IndyCar Driver’s Final Moments

    Allen St. John

    October 18, 2011

  • Apparently Ahmadinejad was standing in his processional car, waving to the crowds from the open sunroof.

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    Ahmadinejad Ducks a Shoe Thrower

    Telmah Parsa

    March 15, 2009

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British Dictionary definitions for processional



of, relating to, or suitable for a procession


  1. a book containing the prayers, hymns, litanies, and liturgy prescribed for processions
  2. a hymn, litany, etc, used in a procession
Derived Formsprocessionally, adverb
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Word Origin and History for processional

"book of hymns for use in processions," mid-15c., from Medieval Latin processionale, from noun use of neuter of processionalis "pertaining to a procession," from Late Latin processio (see procession).


"pertaining to a procession or processions," 1610s, from procession (n.) + -al (1).

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