[ proh-see-on ]

  1. a first-magnitude star in the constellation Canis Minor.

Origin of Procyon

1650–60; <Latin <Greek Prokýōn name of a star, equivalent to pro-pro-2 + kýōn dog (see hound1); so called because it rises just before Sirius, the Dog Star

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How to use Procyon in a sentence

  • I heard talk, in the Procyon port, of a spy that had managed to get through on a Lhari ship.

    The Colors of Space | Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • One day, at last, he stood at the viewport, watching Procyon Alpha nearing.

    The Colors of Space | Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • The companion of Sirius is about ten magnitudes and that of Procyon about twelve magnitudes fainter than the star itself.

    A Text-Book of Astronomy | George C. Comstock
  • The other is the cruiser Procyon, the only real warship on Uller, with a main battery of four 200-mm guns.

    Uller Uprising | Henry Beam Piper, John D. Clark and John F. Carr
  • In 1834 and 1840 he began to suspect a want of uniformity in the proper motion of Sirius and Procyon respectively.

    History of Astronomy | George Forbes

British Dictionary definitions for Procyon


/ (ˈprəʊsɪən) /

  1. the brightest star in the constellation Canis Minor, a binary with a very faint companion. Visual magnitude: 0.34; spectral type: F5IV; distance: 114 light years

Origin of Procyon

C17: via Latin from Greek Prokuōn literally: before the Dog, from pro- ² + kuōn dog; so named because it rises just before Sirius, the Dog Star

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Scientific definitions for Procyon


[ prōsē-ŏn′ ]

  1. A very bright binary star in the constellation Canis Minor, with an apparent magnitude of 0.34. Scientific name: Alpha Canis Minoris.

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