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verb (used with object), prod·ded, prod·ding.
  1. to poke or jab with or as if with something pointed: I prodded him with my elbow.
  2. to rouse or incite as if by poking; nag; goad.
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  1. the act of prodding; a poke or jab.
  2. any of various pointed instruments used as a goad, especially an electrified rod that administers a mild shock: a cattle prod.
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Origin of prod

First recorded in 1525–35; origin uncertain
Related formsprod·der, nounun·prod·ded, adjective

Synonyms for prod

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noun Chiefly Ulster Slang: Disparaging and Offensive.
  1. a Protestant, especially an Anglo-Irish Protestant.
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Origin of Prod

by shortening; d probably reflects the voicing or flap characteristic of some Ulster accents


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Related Words for prod

press, nudge, prompt, propel, motivate, goad, remind, provoke, spur, stimulate, prick, crowd, shove, dig, drive, punch, push, jog, elbow, jab

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Historical Examples of prod

  • Then again came the prod of his instinct and the warning of past experience.

    White Fang

    Jack London

  • "Prod at him with a broom handle, Mrs. Beale," urged Ukridge.

  • He was roused again by a prod of a sword, and bidden to stand up.

    The Northern Iron

    George A. Birmingham

  • "Prod him with the icicle," said the Kangaroo to the Polar Bear.

    Andiron Tales

    John Kendrick Bangs

  • That officer picked up a pitchfork and began to prod the hay.

British Dictionary definitions for prod


verb prods, prodding or prodded
  1. to poke or jab with or as if with a pointed object
  2. (tr) to rouse or urge to action
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  1. the act or an instance of prodding
  2. a sharp or pointed object
  3. a stimulus or reminder
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Derived Formsprodder, noun

Word Origin for prod

C16: of uncertain origin


  1. derogatory, slang another word for Protestant
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abbreviation for
  1. produce
  2. produced
  3. product
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Word Origin and History for prod


1530s, "to poke with a stick," of uncertain origin; possibly [Barnhart] a variant of brod, from Middle English brodden "to goad," from Old Norse broddr "shaft, spike" (see brad), or perhaps imitative [OED]. Figurative sense is recorded from 1871. Related: Prodded; prodding.

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1787, "pointed instrument used in prodding;" 1802, "act of prodding;" from prod (v.).

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