profit margin


  1. the percentage that profit constitutes of total sales.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of profit margin1

First recorded in 1925–30

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Example Sentences

The two have a grant from a restaurant collaborative called Zero Food Print to do this work because soil testing is costly and most farmers operate on a razor-thin profit margin anyway.

With Google Event Tracking, you can monitor your assumed profit margins for a campaign through Google Analytics.

The city needed a partner willing to locate in a poor neighborhood and accept a lower profit margin, Richardson said.

Restaurants in particular run on such thin profit margins in good times, that surviving bad times by burning cash and getting deep in debt is in and of itself a risky proposition.

From Eater

More fundamentally, the industry needs to address the high cost of medicines by challenging the ingrained expectations of sky-high profit margins that underpin them.

From Fortune

His profit margin on the quarter pounds he admitted to selling was a measly $200.

But you might miss out on a few basis points of profit margin if you do.

Yet in 1988, Intel earned $452.9 million on $2.87 billion in revenues—a fat 16 percent profit margin.

So as long as the ban on outgoing goods remains in place, he will restrict himself to the lower profit margin of the local market.

Target, the store that is most like Walmart (albeit with a younger, more upscale demographic), has a profit margin of 4.1%.





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