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[ pruh-fyoos-lee, proh‐ ]


  1. to a great or excessive extent; abundantly or extravagantly:

    Every inch of wall surface both inside and outside of the temple is profusely decorated with exquisite images of flora and fauna.

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  • un·pro·fuse·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

At the end of the journey, he posed for a photo with the medical crew, who thanked him profusely for getting them there.

Even amidst the darkest days of the home run chase, Aaron sent letters to fans, thanking them profusely for supporting him.

From Time

When support for a cause you believe in arrives in a tardy fashion from an unlikely place, you must accept the help, be grateful for it, profusely thank the source of it, and then go home to scream into a pillow for nine whole minutes.

After shaking Samson’s hand and thanking him profusely for his help, I put out my hand to thank his passenger.

From Ozy

We met for about an hour we met at a park here in Nashville and just walked around and he apologized profusely and said his heart was broken when he was listening to that podcast.

Q: So there's no side effects like uncontrollable diarrhea or bleeding profusely through your eyes?

They thanked him profusely for his public service, apologized for Republican hectoring, and complained about decorum.

Step away politely, apologise profusely, and find a taxi, pronto.

The Scientists profusely apologized when I left the table at which they had their Cipher.

She apologizes profusely, curls up across from me, and begins to, as she calls it, gab.

Whereat, he stepped to one side, and led upon the stage, a charming blonde who was greeted profusely.

The opposite is fully proved by the goodness, bounty, and mercy which God shows so profusely to us.

The city is ornamented profusely with statues and triumphal arches; the most splendid is the Arch of Triumph.

His hair was dressed so as to expose the whole face, and, after the fashion of that day, it was profusely powdered.

It contained a single room, walled with hard-finish and profusely etched with figures in vermilion.


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