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[ prog-nos-ti-key-shuhn ]


  1. the act of prognosticating.
  2. a forecast or prediction.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of prognostication1

1350–1400; Middle English pronosticacion < Medieval Latin prognōsticātiōn- (stem of prognōsticātiō ). See prognosticate, -ion

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Example Sentences

It’s almost as if the entire Groundhog Day industrial complex was designed to be just vague enough to make any quantitative analysis impossible, thereby preserving the rodent prognostication supremacy indefinitely.

Days after the news broke, we remain in an information vacuum, and in a prognostication whirlwind with even vaccine makers contradicting each other.

When we first published an interactive checking the accuracy of our various prognostications, back in April 2019, the sports world was relatively normal.

In the decades since, literary fiction has scaled back on such audacious maximalism, narrowing its breadth to fit the contours of individual lives rather than sweeping prognostications of collective life.

There are prognostications that cities are dead, and that places like San Francisco and New York are oversaturated.

From Fortune

What comes next is a bit mind bending—a glimmer of autobiography disguised as fictional prognostication.

But beyond press chatter, price swings, and political prognostication, the European reaction to the storm has been limited.

This is crunch time for folks in the prognostication business.

“This is the problem with so much media prognostication,” Kurtz argues, before quoting none other than Jeff Toobin.

The size of the crowds took everyone—at least in the professional prognostication class—by surprise.

However, Philopoemen was not deceived in his prognostication of what would happen; for the Lacedaemonians were thoroughly routed.

When a single crow flies over you it is the sign of a funeral; two are a certain prognostication of a wedding.

It ran sometimes straight ahead, but usually in circles, and to see it was a prognostication of death.

This is the infallible prognostication where you may foresee your endless state.

Numerous swims in that lake have weakened this prognostication.


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