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[ pruh-gres-iv-lee ]


  1. by degrees or stages; incrementally:

    If the disease remains unchecked, the rate of infection in the herd increases progressively over time.

    Over a five-year period, she became progressively weaker.

  2. in a way characterized by or favoring improvement, reform, advances in social policy or conditions, more enlightened ideas, etc.:

    Imagine a political party that actually wants America to be governed progressively.

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Other Words From

  • non·pro·gres·sive·ly adverb
  • qua·si-pro·gres·sive·ly adverb
  • sem·i·pro·gres·sive·ly adverb
  • ul·tra·pro·gres·sive·ly adverb
  • un·pro·gres·sive·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

After all, Supernatural spent most of its 15-year run delivering regressively conservative themes, despite having a large, relatively progressive female fanbase.

From Vox

To see the progressive work she has been able to accomplish over the past six years and then to know that she sees the same potential in me was just the push I needed to step into that role.

A progressive and diverse culture has earned Fort Lauderdale one of the top 100 places to live in America.

Using the new D&I data, we will launch next year a list ranking the most progressive companies in racial inclusion.

From Fortune

Now, she was steering the city’s ascendant progressive majority, perfectly positioned to shape an environmentally friendly, transit-focused vision for the region.

After police closed the exhibit in which Merrick was put on public display, his circumstances grew progressively more dire.

Think about this: music is the only branch of the entertainment world to embrace progressively inferior technologies.

Despite her excellent care, Dr. Wahls grew progressively disabled.

Progressively, we saw the figures rise, the press picked it up and then it went absolutely off the charts.

“The imagery has been progressively captured by satellites passing over various areas,” he said.

In short, the governmental system adopted is intended to raise the native progressively from savagery to municipal life.

He multiplied six figures progressively, and reported the product—then gave his consent.

This number increases progressively upstream from mouth to source.

Our small improvements in effectiveness have been progressively offset by increasing casualties and loss of territory.

This change takes place either throughout the whole mass at once, or progressively from one extremity to the other.


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