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[ proh-lawng-gey-shuhn, -long- ]


  1. the act of prolonging:

    the prolongation of a line.

  2. the state of being prolonged.
  3. a prolonged or extended form.
  4. an added part.

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Other Words From

  • nonpro·lon·gation noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of prolongation1

1480–90; < Late Latin prōlongātiōn- (stem of prōlongātiō ) extension. See prolongate, -ion

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Example Sentences

Such a coalition would be a recipe for further prolongation of the stalemate vis-à-vis the Palestinians.

I think that when he met her he was thinking about prolongation.

These are not the usual rewards for prolongation of economic distress.

At the end of Canongate, the prolongation of High Street, we come out on a large open square.

On the prolongation of the line in that direction were some regiments of another division, with one in reserve.

The war closed victoriously at the moment when its prolongation seemed unendurable.

Even at the present day troops of wild reindeer traverse the wooded summits of the prolongation of the Ural Mountains.

And when it exceeds this measure, and its prolongation only results in weariness, it must not be prolonged further.


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