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[ prom-uh-nuhnt-lee ]


  1. in a way that stands out so as to be easily seen; noticeably or conspicuously:

    I still have a card someone sent me last year, prominently displayed on my desk.

  2. in a leading role or with a high degree of public recognition; importantly:

    He has published more than 30 books and 250 articles, most prominently his monograph on ethical investing.

  3. in a way that stands out from a surface or line:

    In these carved human figures, foreheads are low and noses given varied shapes, often jutting out prominently from the face.

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  • non·prom·i·nent·ly adverb
  • o·ver·prom·i·nent·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

Before being picked by Georgia’s governor to fill a vacant Senate seat in late 2019, Loeffler and her husband were prominent members of the business community and major donors to Republicans in the state and nationally.

The third-ranking official in the Justice Department, the solicitor general is sometimes described as the tenth justice of the Supreme Court because of their prominent role arguing the government’s case in the chamber.

The social awareness and inclusiveness of this show is not always so prominent in the rest of the museum.

A prominent quantum physicist, who happened to have complex dreams, was an extraordinary find.

In one prominent instance, this shift helped torpedo a blockbuster merger between the two largest vendors in Europe.

From Digiday

But a few weeks ago, Bill Clinton predicted the issue would play prominently in the 2016 presidential election.

Skeletons and calavera motifs, surrounding Latin women, feature prominently in his paintings.

OITNB has so far neglected to grace Alex with a sibling, but Piper has a brother who has figured prominently.

And we live in an age when taxidermy is featured not just in bars and apartments but prominently in contemporary art.

People in camouflage sit at a table with hand grenades, machine guns and a prominently-displayed Orthodox icon on it.

It was curious to observe some faces which stood out prominently from among the group.

The method adopted was common in that day, but to us remarkable, as also the names of those who figured prominently therein.

The first of these to be used prominently in warfare was the French mitrailleuse, used by France in the war of 1870-71.

The preparations for his departure brought the pecuniary question still more prominently forward.

This certainly involves inquiry and discussion upon those points which modern criticism has prominently advanced.





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