Promised Land

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Canaan, the land promised by God to Abraham and his descendants. Genesis 12:7.
(often lowercase) a place or situation believed to hold ultimate happiness.
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Origin of Promised Land

First recorded in 1560–70
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How to use Promised Land in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for Promised Land

Promised Land

Old Testament the land of Canaan, promised by God to Abraham and his descendants as their heritage (Genesis 12:7)
heaven, esp when considered as the goal towards which Christians journey in their earthly lives
any longed-for place where one expects to find greater happiness or fulfilment
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Cultural definitions for Promised Land

Promised Land

The land that God promised he would give to the descendants of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob; the land flowing with milk and honey; the land of Canaan, or Palestine. The Israelites did not take it over until after the Exodus, when they conquered the people already living there.

notes for Promised Land

By extension, an idyllic place or state of being that a person hopes to reach, especially one that cannot be reached except by patience and determination, is called a “Promised Land.”
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