[prom-uh n-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee]

noun, plural prom·on·to·ries.

a high point of land or rock projecting into the sea or other water beyond the line of coast; a headland.
a bluff, or part of a plateau, overlooking a lowland.
Anatomy. a prominent or protuberant part.

Origin of promontory

First recorded in 1540–50, promontory is from the Latin word prōmontorium, prōmunturium, of unclear derivation
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noun plural -ries

a high point of land, esp of rocky coast, that juts out into the sea
anatomy any of various projecting structures

Word Origin for promontory

C16: from Latin prōmunturium headland; related to prōminēre; see prominent
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Word Origin and History for promontory

1540s, from Middle French promontoire (15c.) and directly from Medieval Latin promontorium, altered (by influence of Latin mons "mount, hill") from Latin promunturium "mountain ridge, headland," probably related to prominere "jut out" (see prominent).

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A projecting part.
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A high ridge of land or a rock cliff jutting out into a body of water.
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