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[ prompt-nis ]


  1. the fact of being done, delivered, etc., at once or without delay:

    I appreciated his promptness in paying off the $10,000, as the company couldn't afford to carry such a big debt for long.

  2. the fact or habit of being on time; punctuality:

    Washington's promptness extended even to his mealtimes; he ate dinner each day at exactly 4 o'clock, even if guests had not yet arrived.

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  • o·ver·prompt·ness noun
  • un·prompt·ness noun

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Example Sentences

Franchot replied that he was glad to hear it, noting that the purchase had prompted some criticism.

That decision, GOP aides said, was prompted by the attendance issues surrounding the coronavirus threat.

Privacy concerns prompted a 2003 California law that restricts the distribution of birth and death indexes, and forbids “fraudulent” uses.

The issue prompted inquiries from federal regulators and lawsuits from state attorneys general and district attorneys.

From Fortune

Then, a NASA-sponsored competition, which challenged participants to find ways to grow food on Mars, prompted him to experiment with vertical farming and hydroponics.

From Ozy

With laudable promptness, the speechifying began, as promised, at 11.

It is critical to focus on concrete and implementable options, on a low profile, discretion and promptness.

This danger Garnache, however, was no less quick to perceive, and with a dismaying promptness did he take his measures.

The whole operation was performed with a degree of system, regularity, and promptness, that was quite surprising.

Then his mind turned with promptness to the still living and urgent incidents of the situation.

"That was a fine specimen of soldierly wit and promptness, Simms," commended Lieutenant Hal heartily.

I agreed with such promptness and eagerness that a faint tinge of color came into her face.





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