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[ pruh-nouns-muhnt ]


  1. a formal or authoritative statement.
  2. an opinion or decision.
  3. act of pronouncing.


/ prəˈnaʊnsmənt /


  1. an official or authoritative statement or announcement
  2. the act of pronouncing, declaring, or uttering formally

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Other Words From

  • prepro·nouncement noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of pronouncement1

First recorded in 1585–95; pronounce + -ment

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Example Sentences

The Roberts Court, in other words, is perfectly willing to make sweeping legal pronouncements in shadow docket orders when conservative litigants ask them to do so.

From Vox

Imagine a teacher at a school telling the PTA that he’s afraid the faculty will need to teach through their summer break and you’ll get a sense of how such pronouncements go over.

The graphics resembled all those rightfully-parodied pronouncements of corporate values that sprung up on every company’s social media pages in the wake of the George Floyd protests last year.

Financial observers attributed the marketwide nosedive to a series of negative headlines, the destabilizing pronouncements of billionaire executive Elon Musk and to the cascading effects of speculative trading.

The pronouncement is the culmination of a two-month preliminary investigation launched in January.

From Quartz

In all likelihood, the pronouncement of death will likely include even more gray area in the future.

Their job is to fire you up, whether via jaw-dropping sports highlight or off-color pronouncement.

One more study, one more statistical calculation, one more authoritative pronouncement, and our side will win!

On the other hand, Muslims worldwide are likely, on the whole, to react negatively to the pronouncement.

Better to begin each pronouncement we make about God with “In my experience…” or “From my perspective…” or simply “For me….”

He pointed Thyrsis to a lot of clippings that lay upon the table—the first editorial comments upon this new pronouncement.

His glowing eyes and the half-choked voice in which he concluded gave an authentic stamp to his lament and pronouncement.

The law of necessity overrode the legal pronouncement in this matter of food, as it often did in other ways.

As for the pronouncement that to escape from Turkey was impossible, within six weeks no less than ten men proved the contrary.

It may, perhaps, be fair to regard this as a piece of impersonation—a point of view—rather than an editorial pronouncement.


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