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[ pruh-pawr-shuhnd, -pohr- ]


  1. adjusted to proper proportion or relation.
  2. having proportions as specified:

    a badly proportioned room.

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Other Words From

  • nonpro·portioned adjective
  • under·pro·portioned adjective
  • unpro·portioned adjective
  • well-pro·portioned adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of proportioned1

First recorded in 1350–1400, proportioned is from the Middle English word proporcioned. See proportion, -ed 2
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Example Sentences

His cropped leather jackets with their dolman sleeves were perfectly proportioned over his attenuated, back-slit skirts.

The deftness of Smith's drafts(wo)manship can often be overlooked in her E.T.-proportioned figures.

Xtra Insight: Former Clinton Speechwriter Ted Widmer on Obama's Biblically-Proportioned Success.

“This house must have been the hotel of some distinguished family, Baron; it is nobly proportioned,” said David Arden.

Beneath its far-flung branches a syce was sitting in front of a finely-proportioned and unusually big Arab horse.

We had a large salle in the Hotel Bremen which was admirably proportioned, and a new grand piano from Berlin.

The movable bridge in its closed position must be proportioned like a fixed bridge, but it has also other conditions to fulfil.

The camel commonly lives forty or fifty years, which term of life is proportioned to the time of its growth.