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[ pruh-pohzd ]


  1. offered or suggested for consideration, acceptance, or action:

    Any proposed change to this charter must be noted on the agenda that is sent out for the next scheduled meeting.

  2. (of a toast) offered:

    At the convention reception, the jokingly proposed toast was, "To pure mathematics, and may it never be of any use to anyone!"

  3. presented or nominated for some position, membership, task, etc.:

    The letter should describe the purpose of the committee and list all proposed members along with their faculty ranks.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of propose ( def ).

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  • un·pro·posed adjective

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Example Sentences

“What we’re proposing in Tijuana is cheaper, more certain and solves the water problem,” Garcia Fons said.

They’re scheduled to spend six months on the orbiting laboratory conducting science experiments, including one, proposed by Michigan high school students, that will examine how spaceflight affects brain function.

This month, NHTSA also proposed a more modern back seat for the tests.

The FAA said its work on the Max was backstopped by an independent team of experts, including from the Air Force and NASA, which reviewed the proposed fixes to make sure they were sufficient.

As of Tuesday, she was considering a proposed settlement offer from the state.

Rule 16(c) was a proposed change in the rules at the 1976 Republican Convention.

And that realization comes at the cost of severe, public embarrassment for many, including the victim/proposed.

The scenario in which you are proposed to in public is very different to the one done in private.

Authorities blame anarchists protesting a proposed high-speed rail line called TAV that will link Turin and Lyon, France.

When I tried to persuade him to drop the title The Short Night, I proposed calling the picture Pursuit.

The Gov.-General courteously proposed to send a large bodyguard to his consulate, but it was not necessary.

Was Sir Hugh Wheeler aware of the proposed marriage, with all the terrible consequences that it heralded?

Mamma has proposed to her—in view of your absence—to come and stay with us, and she does n't seem afraid of the idea.

Perhaps you will understand now that you ought to have asked my business ere you proposed to hang me off hand.

But these hidden passions were before young farmer Wurzel, in his blue tie and white hat, had proposed to her.