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[ props ]


, (usually used with a singular verb)
  1. proper or due respect or recognition; credit:

    I give him props for putting up with annoying customers.


/ prɒps /

plural noun

  1. slang.
    proper respect

    props to my dad

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Word History and Origins

Origin of props1

1990–95; Americanism; shortening of earlier propers (in the same sense), from proper , adjective
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Example Sentences

They love them as props or for decorating a white model in black face!

In the barrios of Los Angeles the gangsters get the most props and respect.

The home was a direct representation of his character, so in place of dialogue, we used props and set design to convey his story.

She began operating out of her home garage in 1980, slowly acquiring the many props and tools that would decorate her dungeon.

What is offensive is having a bunch of African-American women with big booties in your videos twerking as props.

Upon such expectation, Allcraft stood—upon such props suffered his aching soul to rest.

It was almost an hour before help came in the shape of two men carrying some props.

There she was, coming toward him from the other end,—and if the props gave way———!

Physically and mentally, we have manufactured so many props to lean upon that we can no longer stand on our own feet.

This is dead reckoning, as the theodolite legs have been out of action for some time, splinted together to form tent-props.





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