verb (used without object)

to be successful or fortunate, especially in financial respects; thrive; flourish.

verb (used with object)

Archaic. to make successful or fortunate.

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Origin of prosper

1425–75; late Middle English prosperen < Latin prosperāre to make happy, derivative of prosperus prosperous

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Examples from the Web for prospering

  • Prospering, he had bethought him of his younger brother, a soldier at home reputed somewhat wild.

    Captain Blood|Rafael Sabatini

British Dictionary definitions for prospering



(usually intr) to thrive, succeed, etc, or cause to thrive, succeed, etc in a healthy way

Word Origin for prosper

C15: from Latin prosperāre to succeed, from prosperus fortunate, from pro- 1 + spēs hope

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Word Origin and History for prospering



mid-14c., from Old French prosperer (14c.) and directly from Latin prosperare "cause to succeed, render happy," from prosperus "favorable, fortunate, prosperous," perhaps literally "agreeable to one's wishes," from Old Latin pro spere "according to expectation," from pro "for" + ablative of spes "hope," from PIE root *spe- "to flourish, succeed, thrive, prosper" (see speed (n.)).

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