Also pros·tat·ic [pro-stat-ik] /prɒˈstæt ɪk/. of or relating to the prostate gland.


Origin of prostate

1640–50; < New Latin prostata < Greek prostátēs one standing before. See pro-2, -stat
Related formspost·pros·tate, adjectivepre·pro·stat·ic, adjectivesub·pro·stat·ic, adjective
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Also called: prostate gland a gland in male mammals that surrounds the neck of the bladder and urethra and secretes a liquid constituent of the semen


Also: prostatic (prɒˈstætɪk) of or relating to the prostate glandSee also PSA

Word Origin for prostate

C17: via Medieval Latin from Greek prostatēs something standing in front (of the bladder), from pro- in front + histanai to cause to stand
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Word Origin and History for prostate

1640s, from Middle French prostate, from Medieval Latin prostata "the prostate," from Greek prostates (aden) "prostate (gland)," from prostates "leader, ruler, guardian; one standing in front," from proistanai "set before," from pro- "before" (see pro-) + histanai "cause to stand" from PIE root *sta- "to stand" (see stet). So called from its position at the base of the bladder.

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prostate in Medicine




The prostate gland.


Of or relating to the prostate gland.
Related formspro•static (prŏ-stătĭk) adj.
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