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[ pros-ti-too-shuhn, -tyoo- ]


  1. the act or practice of engaging in sex acts, as sexual intercourse, for money.
  2. base or unworthy use, as of talent or ability.

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Other Words From

  • an·ti·pros·ti·tu·tion adjective noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of prostitution1

First recorded in 1545–55; from Late Latin prōstitūtiōn- (stem of prōstitūtiō ); prostitute, -ion

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Example Sentences

Prostitution is not a crime in Brazil, and has been a recognized occupation since 2002.

Prostitution opponents cite scientific studies; supporters of legalization find flaws in the data.

Prostitution in Italy is not illegal, unless it is with an underage minor.

Prostitution is not a crime in Italy unless it is with a minor.

Prostitution in Italy is not a crime unless it is with a minor.

Prostitution exists wherever a woman makes the selling of her charms a trade.

Paul Kampffmeyer—Prostitution as a social class phenomenon and the social and political struggle against it.

Prostitution disappears and monogamy, instead of going out of existence, at last becomes a reality—for men also.

Prostitution is not an easy or agreeable subject to treat; it will be disposed of, therefore, in the fewest words possible.

Prostitution is generally the direct result of the disgrace put upon a woman by loss of virtue.


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