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[ proh-troo-ding, pruh- ]


  1. projecting outward, as from a surface:

    The driver pulled in too close to the curb and knocked over the sign with his truck’s protruding side mirror.

    The phone’s protruding camera lens is at a high risk for getting scratched.

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Other Words From

  • non·pro·trud·ing adjective
  • un·pro·trud·ing adjective
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Example Sentences

The Italy-bred artist also contributed a striking sculptural painting divided by lengths of string that both burrow into the thick pigment and protrude from it.

If there is one object that captures the uniqueness of this 2020 holiday season, and the angst it is causing for so many of us, it has to be a mask that has a protruding blowhole out the top.

Members of the coronavirus family have sharp bumps that protrude from the surface of their outer envelopes.

On one of the route’s most difficult sections, the Golden Desert pitch, her foot slipped unexpectedly and she took a sideways fall, hitting her head on a protruding crystal of rock and puncturing her forehead.

They’re shorter and stockier and have round protruding bellies, as well as thick, spiky-looking manes.

Inside, sat at a man on all fours, one high-heeled shoe in his mouth, the other protruding from his ass.

At one point McShane stopped suddenly, and pointed to what looked like a rifle protruding from a window.

While slips can hide VPL and your backside on a windy day, Spanx can help hide a lot more, like cellulite or a protruding tummy.

It depicts Benjamin Netanyahu as a burly builder, cementing a brick wall with body parts and screaming heads protruding from it.

Sculpteo Want a three-dimensional version of your favorite mountain range protruding from the back of your phone?

While the refined exquisite was giving his order, a jolly western drover had listened with opened mouth and protruding eyes.

Once he laid his finger lightly on a protruding point of the carving, and then scrutinised his finger through the glass.

The Semangs of Malacca are jet-black in color, with thick lips, flat nose, and protruding abdomen.

Flat or flush joints (A) are formed by pressing the protruding mortar back flush with the face of the brickwork.

Then it spun around in a frantic convulsion, and in a moment lay dead on its back, its tiny fed tongue protruding, its paws rigid.


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