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[ pruh-vohkt ]


  1. angered or enraged:

    The boys continued to test out the improved model until it was destroyed by a provoked weasel.

    For all the hype, the “riot” was actually quite mild—just a few empty beer cans and some stones thrown by an already provoked crowd.

  2. stirred up or aroused:

    The longtime columnist says that it helps to have an easily provoked sense of indignation.

    To avoid being eaten, a provoked pufferfish blows itself up into a spiny living balloon the size of a volleyball.

  3. prompted or caused by some action, behavior, or circumstance; brought about, often deliberately:

    His laugh was a contagious, easily provoked chuckle.

    A provoked bite can occur when a person teases a dog or tries to take away the dog's food while the dog is eating.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of provoke ( def ).

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  • un·pro·voked adjective

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Example Sentences

The study shows the vaccine causes few side effects and provokes a response in T-cells that target the virus within 14 days of the first dose and a protective antibody response within 28 days of the booster dose.

From Fortune

Ellis Cose, the eminent journalist, grapples with both explanations for our present crisis in his pithy and thought-provoking book, “The Short Life and Curious Death of Free Speech in America.”

The first presidential debate provoked shock and dismay in international news media.

She also questioned Zuckerberg about Facebook’s alleged interest in pushing divisive content to users because it provokes them to spend more time on the platform.

From Fortune

Speaking of distance learning not going well … In his latest education column, VOSD’s Will Huntsberry lays out the particular challenges distance learning has provoked for English-learners.

Everyone out there who says, “Charlie Hebdo provoked,” is making the same fundamental error.

And, of course, it was against the mixing of the races that the music inevitably provoked.

It reflects both the anger provoked by the senseless violence two days earlier, and the growing confidence of the opposition.

The story was so appalling, the attack so brutish and morally offensive, that it provoked an immediate, furious response.

And as with all cheerful, well-intentioned memes, the Challenge has provoked some good old-fashioned political trolling.

"I'm not proud," replied Davy, provoked at being mixed up with Gobobbles in this way.

We have done wickedly, and provoked thee to wrath: therefore thou art inexorable.

For you have provoked him who made you, the eternal God, offering sacrifice to devils, and not to God.

If she has justly provoked the indignation of her husband, then his cruelty presents a different aspect.

But the young nobleman provoked Du Bousquier into a duel where the latter dangerously wounded him.


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