/ (ˈprɒksɪmə) /

  1. a flare star in the constellation Centaurus that is the nearest star to the sun. It is a red dwarf of very low magnitude. Distance: 4.3 light years: Also called: Proxima Centauri See also Rigil Kent

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How to use Proxima in a sentence

  • Tam tristi patris iudicio perculsus lucem ulterius intueri non sustinuit et Proxima nocte vitam suspendio finivit.

    Selections from Viri Romae | Charles Franois L'Homond
  • Primum est, si Proxima semper pro prœcedente substituitur littera, nimirum ב pro א, ג pro ב & sic porro.

    Mysticism and its Results | John Delafield
  • They desired, they hoped, they petitioned to be the first to make the long, hard journey to Alpha and Proxima Centauri in rockets.

    Accidental Flight | Floyd L. Wallace
  • A human pilot would be dead of heart failure long before the ship got anywhere near Proxima.

    Mr. Spaceship | Philip K. Dick
  • The ring around Proxima was a living ring, superior to anything Terra could throw against it.

    Mr. Spaceship | Philip K. Dick