proximity fuse

  1. an electronically triggered device designed to detonate an explosive charge in a missile, etc, at a predetermined distance from the target

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How to use proximity fuse in a sentence

  • Its proximity fuse detonated in the exhaust of a Connie boat, blowing the tube out of position.

    Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet | Harold Leland Goodwin
  • "Chances are the intercept is working on a proximity fuse," Crag reasoned.

    First on the Moon | Jeff Sutton
  • But he saw the burst of flame, bright as the sun itself, which was the explosion of a proximity fuse bomb.

    Space Tug | Murray Leinster
  • Together, they should make up a screen no proximity fuse bomb could pierce without exploding.

    Space Tug | Murray Leinster
  • Stick a proximity fuse on it, and a time fuse, too, in case we missed.

    Slingshot | Irving W. Lande