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[ proo-dish ]


  1. excessively proper or modest in speech, conduct, dress, etc.

    Synonyms: coy, reserved

  2. characteristic of a prude.

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Other Words From

  • prudish·ly adverb
  • prudish·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of prudish1

First recorded in 1710–20; prude + -ish 1

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Synonym Study

See modest.

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Example Sentences

Others I’ve talked to blame the incident on the inexplicable prudish mindset of Gen-Z, pointing to the ongoing “No Kink at Pride” controversy.

Who knew a country notorious for selling used underwear in vending machines could be so prudish?

Secondly, the film shows sex in a raw way, and the Soviet regime was notoriously prudish, despite its official atheism.

Foster partly argues that we tend to view 18th century society as more prudish than it actually was.

Deep they needed to be, because the Nazis could take offense quicker than a prudish Victorian spinster.

To be fair, we got quite a bit of nudity, even here on the still-prudish BBC.

You are not as prudish as that, and if you were, you know I have done it a hundred times; that would be too ridiculous, Dan!

Had her beautiful prudish rival possessed less virtue and more wit Lady Castlemaine's star would have set long before it did.

But if naturally prudish, La Belle Stuart made full use of the profit to be derived from such moral infirmity.

Indeed, he was always laughing at my mother and me for our prudish ways; and my not marrying was always a joke between us.

It is not best to be "prudish," but it is right and necessary to be cautious and discreet.