[sah-muh-dee, sal-muh-]
noun, plural psal·mo·dies.
  1. the act, practice, or art of setting psalms to music.
  2. psalms or hymns collectively.
  3. the act, practice, or art of singing psalms.

Origin of psalmody

1300–50; Middle English < Late Latin psalmōdia < Greek psalmōidía singing to the harp. See psalm, ode, -y3
Related formspsal·mod·ic [sah-mod-ik, sal-] /sɑˈmɒd ɪk, sæl-/, psal·mod·i·cal, psal·mo·di·al [sah-moh-dee-uh l, sal-] /sɑˈmoʊ di əl, sæl-/, adjectivepsal·mo·dist, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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noun plural -dies
  1. the act of singing psalms or hymns
  2. the art or practice of the setting to music or singing of psalms
Derived Formspsalmodist, nounpsalmodic (sɑːˈmɒdɪk, sæl-), adjective

Word Origin for psalmody

C14: via Late Latin from Greek psalmōdia singing accompanied by a harp, from psalmos (see psalm) + ōidē ode
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