[ sah-muh-dee, sal-muh- ]
/ ˈsɑ mə di, ˈsæl mə- /

noun, plural psal·mo·dies.

the act, practice, or art of setting psalms to music.
psalms or hymns collectively.
the act, practice, or art of singing psalms.

Origin of psalmody

1300–50; Middle English < Late Latin psalmōdia < Greek psalmōidía singing to the harp. See psalm, ode, -y3
Related formspsal·mod·ic [sah-mod-ik, sal-] /sɑˈmɒd ɪk, sæl-/, psal·mod·i·cal, psal·mo·di·al [sah-moh-dee-uh l, sal-] /sɑˈmoʊ di əl, sæl-/, adjectivepsal·mo·dist, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ˈsɑːmədɪ, ˈsæl-) /

noun plural -dies

the act of singing psalms or hymns
the art or practice of the setting to music or singing of psalms
Derived Formspsalmodist, nounpsalmodic (sɑːˈmɒdɪk, sæl-), adjective

Word Origin for psalmody

C14: via Late Latin from Greek psalmōdia singing accompanied by a harp, from psalmos (see psalm) + ōidē ode
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