[ hek-sag-uh-nl ]
/ hɛkˈsæg ə nl /


of, relating to, or having the form of a hexagon.
having a hexagon as a base or cross section: a hexagonal prism.
divided into hexagons, as a surface.
Crystallography. noting or pertaining to a system of crystallization in which three equal axes intersect at angles of 60° on one plane, and the fourth axis, of a different length, intersects them perpendicularly.

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Origin of hexagonal

First recorded in 1565–75; hexagon + -al1

Related formshex·ag·o·nal·ly, adverbpseu·do·hex·ag·o·nal, adjectivepseu·do·hex·ag·o·nal·ly, adverbsub·hex·ag·o·nal, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for pseudohexagonal


/ (hɛkˈsæɡənəl) /


having six sides and six angles
of or relating to a hexagon
crystallog relating or belonging to the crystal system characterized by three equal coplanar axes inclined at 60° to each other and a fourth longer or shorter axis at right angles to their planeSee also trigonal
Derived Formshexagonally, adverb

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Word Origin and History for pseudohexagonal



1570s, from hexagon + -al (1). Related: Hexagonally.

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Science definitions for pseudohexagonal


[ hĕk-săgə-nəl ]

Having six sides.
Relating to a crystal having three axes of equal length intersecting at angles of 60° in one plane, and a fourth axis of a different length that is perpendicular to this plane. The mineral calcite has hexagonal crystals. See illustration at crystal.
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