[ soo-duh-pod ]
/ ˈsu dəˌpɒd /

noun Biology.

a temporary protrusion of the protoplasm, as of certain protozoans, usually serving as an organ of locomotion or prehension.

Origin of pseudopod

1870–75; < New Latin pseudopodium; see pseudo-, -podium
Also called pseudopodium.

Related forms

pseu·dop·o·dal [soo-dop-uh-dl] /suˈdɒp ə dl/, pseu·do·po·di·al [soo-duh-poh-dee-uh l] /ˌsu dəˈpoʊ di əl/, pseu·do·pod·ic, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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Medicine definitions for pseudopod


[ sōōdə-pŏd′ ]


A temporary projection of the cytoplasm of certain cells or of certain unicellular organisms, especially amoebas, that serves in locomotion and phagocytosis.
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Science definitions for pseudopod


[ sōōdə-pŏd′ ]

Plural pseudopods pseudopodia

A temporary footlike extension of a one-celled organism, such as an amoeba, used for moving about and for surrounding and taking in food.
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