1. a combining form meaning “fern,” used in the formation of compound words:


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Word History and Origins

Origin of pterido-1

< New Latin, combining form representing Greek pterís (stem pterid- ) fern, derivative of pterón feather


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Words That Use Pterido-

What does pterido- mean?

Pterido- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “fern.” It is often in some scientific terms, especially in botany.

Pterido- comes from the Greek pterís, meaning “fern.” This Greek word is derived from the word ptéron, meaning “feather.” (Ferns do look a bit like feathers, after all.) Ptéron is related to the combining forms ptero- and pterygo-.

Examples of pterido-

Pteridology, meaning “the branch of botany dealing with ferns and related plants,” is one example of a word that features the combining form pterido-.

We know pterido- means “fern.” What about the logy part of the word? This combining form is used to name bodies of science. Pteridology literally breaks down to the “study of ferns.”

What are some words that use the combining form pterido-?

  • pteridography
  • pteridomania
  • pteridophilist
  • pteridophyte (using the equivalent form of pterido- in New Latin)
  • pteridosperm (using the equivalent form of pterido- in New Latin)

What are some other forms that pterido- may be commonly confused with?

Break it down!

The combining form -phyte means “plant.” With this in mind, what does pteridophyte literally translate to?