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public figure

[ puhb-lik fig-yer ]


  1. a person who is widely known; celebrity:

    The journalist talked about the often troubled relationship between public figures and the news media.

    Famous athletes, actors, and other public figures have championed the issue.

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Example Sentences

But unlike any other director, he was an identifiable public figure, as recognizable as any president or movie star.

Outed by a fellow Duke student, Knox inadvertently became a pronounced public figure when she spoke up for herself.

Paying tribute to such a beloved public figure as Williams seems only natural.

But it was Gertrude Bell, who was never a public figure, who had left the greater mark on the Middle East, for better or worse.

Though Andy Warhol was an outsized public figure, he created just one piece of public art.

Sometime in the near future, I would stop being Marcus -- I would be a public figure.

Politicians tend to live "in character," and many a public figure has come to imitate the journalism which describes him.

The general passenger agent became less and less a man of office routine and of ticket detail, more and more of a public figure.

Nevertheless, so long as she bore Fyfe's name, she did not feel free to make herself a public figure there without his sanction.

This is the testimony that has been gathered by known facts because I have been a public figure.


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