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public life


  1. public service as an elected or appointed government official.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of public life1

First recorded in 1775–85
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Example Sentences

Way back when AOL was a big tech company and people reached the World Wide Web via dial-up modems, Congress added a provision to federal law that has had a profound effect on every aspect of our democracy and public life.

It is not a partisan point to observe that a change in administrations offers the country an opportunity to assess anew the purpose and possibilities of our public life.

From Time

If dictators want women to participate in public life at all, they just want them to decorate their regimes.

From Time

Hard to see how democracy survives when the most basic facts of public life are up for grabs, and immune to resolution.

From Fortune

Everyone continues to be inspired by Gabby’s recovery, by Mark’s devotion, and the courage it took for their family to re-enter public life and public service.

But the qualities Mario Cuomo brought to public life—compassion, integrity, commitment to principle—remain in short supply today.

LaBeouf claims that he did wish to withdraw from public life.

Of her public life with Hollande, Trierweiler writes that she accompanied him everywhere, that she was always happy by his side.

So the idea that people in public life are not saying, ‘How can I help you?’

And now many of those Democrats are heading home after long careers in public life, with some losing easily winnable races.

His only son, Charles Lord Spencer, was just entering on public life.

Nicholas Rubinstein is intimately associated with every event in Tchaikovskys private and public life.

Their friendship was one of the most characteristic features of the public life of their time.

The general position of women in Spain and their influence in public life cannot be described as of an advanced order.

And secondly, in the mistaken view entertained regarding him at each successive period of his public life.


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