public service

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  1. the business of supplying an essential commodity, as gas or electricity, or a service, as transportation, to the general public.

  2. government employment; civil service.

  1. a service to the public rendered without charge by a profit-making organization: This radio program has been brought to you as a public service.

Origin of public service

First recorded in 1560–70

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British Dictionary definitions for public service

public service

    • government employment

    • the management and administration of the affairs of a political unit, esp the civil service

    • a service provided for the community: buses provide a public service

    • (as modifier): a public-service announcement

  1. Australian and NZ the service responsible for the public administration of the government of a country. It excludes the legislative, judicial, and military branches. Members of the public service have no official political allegiance and are not generally affected by changes of governments: British equivalent: civil service

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