[ puhd-ling ]
/ ˈpʌd lɪŋ /


the act of a person or thing that puddles.
Metallurgy. the act or process of melting pig iron in a reverberatory furnace (puddling furnace) and converting it into wrought iron.
the act or method of making puddle.

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Origin of puddling

First recorded in 1750–60; puddle + -ing1


[ puhd-l ]
/ ˈpʌd l /


verb (used with object), pud·dled, pud·dling.

verb (used without object), pud·dled, pud·dling.

to wade in a puddle: The children were puddling.
to be or become puddled: The backyard was puddling.

Origin of puddle

1300–50; (noun) Middle English puddel, podel, pothel, apparently diminutive of Old English pudd ditch, furrow (akin to Low German pudel puddle); (v.) late Middle English pothelen, derivative of the noun

Related formspud·dler, nounpud·dly, adjectiveun·pud·dled, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for puddling


/ (ˈpʌdlɪŋ) /


a process for converting pig iron into wrought iron by heating it with ferric oxide in a furnace to oxidize the carbon
building trades the process of making a puddle


/ (ˈpʌdəl) /



Derived Formspuddler, nounpuddly, adjective

Word Origin for puddle

C14 podel, diminutive of Old English pudd ditch, of obscure origin

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