1. British a children's name for a steam locomotive or railway train

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How to use puff-puff in a sentence

  • My nurse—an egregious female—had previously remarked, "The dear child do take such notice of the puff-puff!"

    Wandering Heath | Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  • The steady chug-chug and puff-puff of the motor was heard as the adventurers moved on up the mountain.

    The Motor Boys Overland | Clarence Young
  • Puff—puff it said, but the silly words conveyed absolutely no information to Rebecca Mary.

    Rebecca's Promise | Frances R. Sterrett
  • Soon the puff-puff-puff of the Barracouta's exhaust was driving rivets through the fog.

    Jim Spurling, Fisherman | Albert Walter Tolman
  • And there he sat for a long while very still and quiet, save for the puff—puff—puffing of the smoke from his lips.