[ puhft-uhp ]
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  1. feeling self-important; arrogant; pompous.

  2. swollen; puffy.

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How to use puffed-up in a sentence

  • So Nicanor being puffed up with exceeding great pride, thought to set up a public monument of his victory over Judas.

  • One or two ran away and presently returned, followed by a lady Loon wearing huge, puffed-up rubber skirts.

    The Tin Woodman of Oz | L. Frank Baum
  • One of these did not look like a ship at all, but like a low black box, from which the smoke puffed up in a thick cloud.

  • Mr. Sewer Rat puffed up his cheeks and gnashed his long, white teeth angrily.

    Bumper, The White Rabbit | George Ethelbert Walsh
  • He was so puffed up by these exploits that he wasn't a bit afraid of what might happen to him on the river.

    Bumper, The White Rabbit | George Ethelbert Walsh