[ poo, pyoo, pee-yoo ]


  1. (used as an exclamation of disgust, as at an offensive odor.)

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Example Sentences

Bad boy British-designer Gareth Pugh, on the other hand, chose to show in New York rather than his home country this season.

At New York Fashion Week, British designer Gareth Pugh showed off a new kind of “show.”

For the past six years, British designer Gareth Pugh has shown his collection during Paris Fashion Week.

First, Gareth Pugh announced plans for an immersive show with live performances.

Gareth Pugh Comes to NYFW: English designer Gareth Pugh Aiming is heading to New York Fashion Week this fall.

So when my skipper died I remembered me of Hugh Pugh, and slung my bundle to come and find him.

At the same time she received a gift of money from Sarah Pugh, in an envelope marked, "For thine own dear self."

Mr. Pugh's substitute (the Crittenden Proposition), was lost by 14 yeas to 25 nays.

You dropp'd a good many very singular ones; replied he—Pugh!

Just once he chuckled grimly as he recalled the faces of Glass and Pugh when he had whirled on them, gun in hand.