[ puhg-nas-i-tee ]
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  1. readiness to quarrel or fight; combative or argumentative character:She was always defending him against the fallout from his pugnacity and lack of social graces.

Origin of pugnacity

First recorded in 1600–10; from Latin pugnācitās “combativeness,” equivalent to pugnāci-, stem of pugnāx “combative” + -tās -ty2
  • Also pug·na·cious·ness [puhg-ney-shuhs-nis] /pʌgˈneɪ ʃəs nɪs/ .

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How to use pugnacity in a sentence

  • This bird, besides its noted pugnacity, is an arrant rogue, and invariably takes advantage of the House Martin's labour.

  • Incidentally, also, he made good his boasts and held the fort with equal pugnacity from the savages.

  • The majority of Ueberhells were accused of presumption and arrogance, of opiniativeness and pugnacity.

    Complete Short Works | Georg Ebers