[poo l-ee, pyoo-lee]

noun, plural pu·lik [poo l-eek, pyoo-leek] /ˈpʊl ik, ˈpyu lik/, pu·lis.

one of a Hungarian breed of medium-sized sheepdogs having long, fine hair that often mats, giving the coat a corded appearance.

Origin of puli

1935–40; < Hungarian, alteration of pudli poodle, shortening of earlier pudlikutya, translation of German Pudelhund; see poodle



noun, plural puls, pu·li [poo-lee] /ˈpu li/.

a coin and monetary unit of Afghanistan, the 100th part of an afghani.

Origin of pul

1925–30; < Persian pūl < Turkish pul
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British Dictionary definitions for puli



a breed of Hungarian sheepdog having a very long dense coat, usually black, that hangs in strands with a ropey or corded appearance

Word Origin for puli

Hungarian, literally: leader


noun plural puls or puli (ˈpuːlɪ)

an Afghan monetary unit worth one hundredth of an afghani

Word Origin for pul

via Persian from Turkish: small coin, from Late Greek phollis bag for money, from Latin follis bag
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