/ (pʌlk) /

  1. a sledge that is pulled by dogs while a person skis behind to steer and brake

Origin of pulk

C19: from Finnish pulkka, from Sami pulkke

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How to use pulk in a sentence

  • He sat in the window recess cutting at a model of a Laplander's pulk (sledge) which the Sorenskriver had given him.

    Katharine Frensham | Beatrice Harraden
  • After this we lost all signs of our way, except the almost obliterated track of his pulk.

    Northern Travel | Bayard Taylor
  • My deer became restive, and whirled me around in the snow, filling my pulk.

    Northern Travel | Bayard Taylor
  • I got up, shook myself, righted the pulk, and commenced again.

    Northern Travel | Bayard Taylor
  • Why, did you ever see a pulk of Cossacks on a forage, Mr Frenche?