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pull away

  1. Move away or withdraw, as in The car pulled away from the curb . [Mid-1900s]

  2. Move ahead or forward, as in His horse pulled away and took the lead .

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Example Sentences

Before we could pull away they paddled over and with outstretched hands uttered a single English word: “money.”

DiMaio also at one point conceded that Martin could have attempted to pull away when he was fired on.

And a look back at the graphs will show that Obama began to stabilize and pull away much later in the month.

As I watched the boat pull away from the dock, to return across the bay, an overwhelming sense of isolation swept over me.

I gave him a little silver, and was only just in time to pull away my hand, which he was falling upon to kiss.

I would pull away as far as I could from my father, and think luxuriously, awake sometimes till dawn.

The wind rushed by more madly than ever, and the only thing to do was to pull away the poles and allow the tent to collapse.

"Pull away cheerily," said the captain to the men in the boats, who had lain on their oars in readiness.

"Pull away for half a minute more," replied Shuffles, as he ran up the main-sail, which beat and thrashed fearfully in the gale.





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