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[ pool-doun ]


  1. designed to be pulled down for use:

    a pull-down bed; a desk with a pull-down front.

pull down


  1. tr, adverb to destroy or demolish

    the old houses were pulled down

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Word History and Origins

Origin of pull-down1

First recorded in 1905–10; adj. use of verb phrase pull down

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Example Sentences

He unclasped her bra in front; tried to pull down her jeans.

Forget CEO comp: Business and political honchos can pull down seven figures attending a few meetings.

If Palin hits the airwaves, then—TV or radio—she could pull down $7.5 million to $10 million for her troubles.

So how did he pull down a multi-million dollar job in private practice?

Under these conditions, the large motor B collapses and the pull-down P (which is connected with the organ pallet) rises.

They climb up on the neighbouring houses with wet sails, and pull down sheds and boardings.

Then she issued her commands to the men, and fiercely she bade them pull down that barricade and take the dog alive.

He came upon a third which his trunk could not pull down, so he turned around and walked away from it.

Some of the officers begged Captain Jones to pull down his flag and surrender, but he would not give up.