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or pull·up

[ pool-uhp ]


  1. an exercise consisting of chinning oneself, as on a horizontal bar attached at each end to a doorpost.
  2. a flight maneuver in which an aircraft climbs sharply from level flight.

pull up


  1. tr to remove by the roots
  2. often foll bywith or on to move level (with) or ahead (of) or cause to move level (with) or ahead (of), esp in a race
  3. to stop
  4. tr to rebuke


  1. an exercise in which the body is raised up by the arms pulling on a horizontal bar fixed above the head
  2. old-fashioned.
    a roadside café

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Word History and Origins

Origin of pull-up1

First recorded in 1850–55; noun use of verb phrase pull up

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Example Sentences

As in the past, you can pull up beside some ladies of the night and call them into your car.

And then you'd whip out your iPhone and pull up that snarky tweet your friend wrote linking to the E!

Where now the outdoor café tables are, right there, buses used to pull up and flush their air-brakes.

One of the Sacramento arm wrestlers does pull ups in the wilderness, using tree branches as a pull up bar.

Do your friends just pull up a picture of fat Jared from Chapter 27 to rag on you sometimes?

And he was so infernally insistent about it, that she was forced to pull up and get away from the post in self-defense.

We pull up, with steaming cattle, at the old ‘White Horse,’ where lunch is spread.

It is a wonder he did not pull up geraniums instead of weeds, his mind was so far away.

For scarcely were they over the river when a horseman barred their way, and called upon the driver to pull up.

Our train did not pull up to the platform as usual, so all the passengers in turn had the pleasure of taking a three-foot leap.


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