[poo l-out]


an act or instance of pulling out; removal.
a withdrawal, as of troops or funds; pullback.
a maneuver by which an aircraft levels into horizontal flight after a dive.
a section of a newspaper or magazine that is complete in itself and may be removed and retained: a 24-page pullout of barbecue recipes.
an area at the side of a road where drivers may pull off for emergencies, to rest or view the scenery, etc.; pull-off.


designed to be pulled out or removed: pullout compartments in a desk.

Origin of pullout

First recorded in 1815–25; noun, adj. use of verb phrase pull out
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pullback, retirement, evacuation, withdrawal, fallback, flight, ebb

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Word Origin and History for pullout

also pull-out, 1825, "withdrawal," from pull (v.) + out (adv.). As "detachable section or page of a newspaper, magazine, etc." from 1952.

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