[puhl-muh-neyt, -nit, poo l-]
  1. Zoology. having lungs or lunglike organs.
  2. belonging to the Pulmonata, an order of gastropod mollusks usually breathing by means of a lunglike sac, and including most of the terrestrial snails and the slugs and certain aquatic snails.
  1. a pulmonate gastropod.

Origin of pulmonate

From the New Latin word pulmōnātus, dating back to 1835–45. See pulmonary, -ate1
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British Dictionary definitions for pulmonate


  1. having lungs or lunglike organs
  2. of, relating to, or belonging to the Pulmonata, a mostly terrestrial subclass or order of gastropod molluscs, including snails and slugs, in which the mantle is adapted as a lung
  1. any pulmonate mollusc

Word Origin for pulmonate

C19: from New Latin pulmōnātus
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