[ pool-ke-ree-ah ]
/ ˌpul kɛˈri ɑ /

noun, plural pul·que·rí·as [pool-ke-ree-ahs] /ˌpul kɛˈri ɑs/. Mexican Spanish.

a tavern selling pulque.
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Examples from the Web for pulqueria

  • Though I had already made myself acquainted with his usual hour of repairing to the pulqueria, I had not timed it neatly.

    The Bandolero|Mayne Reid
  • And winding through the groups, the sailor left the pulqueria unnoticed.

    The Freebooters|Gustave Aimard
  • One day I got into a drunken row in a pulqueria, and stabbed a Chilian.

    Mark Gildersleeve|John S. Sauzade
  • "Here," the two men said, with whom Ramirez conversed when he entered the pulqueria the first time.

    The Freebooters|Gustave Aimard