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pump up

  1. Fill with enthusiasm, strength, and energy, as in The lively debate pumped us all up . Mary Wollstonecraft used this idiom in slightly different form in The Rights of Women (1792): “Lover-like phrases of pumped-up passion.”

  2. Inflate with gas or air, as in This tire needs pumping up . [Late 1800s]

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Example Sentences

Was the calculator created only to pump up sales of the already multi-billion-dollar statin market?

He's still out there trying to pump up the Tea Party wingnut vote.

A talented broadcaster, he decided to use fear and hate to pump up his ratings.

Look for the first lady to answer with fire—and pump up the faithful.

Those rip-roaring Romney delegates sure know how to pump up a room.

Once warmed by the pump-up "naptha" lantern and the gasoline hotplate, it would become a bog.

They were employed as servile laborers in tilling the fields, or in turning enormous wheels to pump up water from the Nile.

But the crisis had come on too quickly, and there was no time to pump up bravery from the deep well of history.

Then Emma would pump up a blush, and smile, and purr that she was SO glad, 'cause then she'd have comp'ny.

The object of Chinese education is to pump up the wisdom of the ancients into the minds of the moderns.





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