[ puhp ]
/ pʌp /
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a young dog; puppy.
the young of certain other animals, as the rat, shark, or fur seal.
a small plant developing as an offshoot from a mature plant.
verb (used without object), pupped, pup·ping.
to give birth to pups.
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Origin of pup

First recorded in 1580–90; shortened variant of puppy
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How to use pup in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for pup

/ (pʌp) /

  1. a young dog, esp when under one year of age; puppy
  2. the young of various other animals, such as the seal
in pup (of a bitch) pregnant
informal, mainly British derogatory a conceited young man (esp in the phrase young pup)
sell someone a pup to swindle someone by selling him something worthless
the night's a pup Australian slang it's early yet
verb pups, pupping or pupped
(of dogs, seals, etc) to give birth to (young)

Word Origin for pup

C18: back formation from puppy
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