[ puhp ]
/ pʌp /


a young dog; puppy.
the young of certain other animals, as the rat or fur seal.
a small plant developing as an offshoot from a mature plant.

verb (used without object), pupped, pup·ping.

to give birth to pups.

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Origin of pup

First recorded in 1580–90; apocopated variant of puppy

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/ (pʌp) /


  1. a young dog, esp when under one year of age; puppy
  2. the young of various other animals, such as the seal
in pup (of a bitch) pregnant
informal, mainly British derogatory a conceited young man (esp in the phrase young pup)
sell someone a pup to swindle someone by selling him something worthless
the night's a pup Australian slang it's early yet

verb pups, pupping or pupped

(of dogs, seals, etc) to give birth to (young)

Word Origin for pup

C18: back formation from puppy

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Word Origin and History for pup



"young dog," 1760, shortened form of puppy (q.v.). Used from 1580s for "conceited person." Applied to the young of the fur seal from 1815. Used for "inexperienced person" by 1890. Pup tent (also dog tent) is from 1863. Sopwith pup, popular name of the Sopwith Scout Tractor airplane, is from 1917.

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