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puppet show


  1. an entertainment, as a play or musical revue, in which the performers are puppets.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of puppet show1

First recorded in 1640–50
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Example Sentences

After painting on noses and eyes and mouths, I performed a kind of puppet show, each bone representing a different family member, plus one small dog on the tip of a rib.

My grandparents talked about that puppet show for the rest of their lives.

It works — soon, the locals are learning the story of brave Gawain and the Green Knight from puppet shows.

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There is something in the limited animations of the characters that recalls puppet shows and illustrations in old children’s books.

In another study, children saw a puppet show where a mouse was eaten by an alligator.

A Syrian YouTube sock puppet show reveals Assad to be the fool that he is.

A number of persons were assembled in the tap-room of the inn, where a man was exhibiting a puppet-show.

The chief character in a puppet show, hence the puppet show itself.

The creator of Marion Delorme excels in manœuvring a puppet-show and in getting up plays on a dolls' theatre.

Nor would there be anything astonishing in some one imagining that he could gain the prize by exhibiting a puppet-show.

And, so dull is it in our service, that I would go to a puppet show far less fine and thank thee for the chance.'


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