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purchasing power


  1. Also called buying power. the ability to purchase goods and services.
  2. the value of money in terms of what it can buy at a specified time compared to what it could buy at some period established as a base:

    the purchasing power of the dollar.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of purchasing power1

First recorded in 1815–25

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Example Sentences

Federal or state authorities also need to implement carbon pricing or clean energy standards to incentivize a shift to hydrogen, while using their purchasing power to support the nascent market.

So the money sat in a savings account for years, losing roughly 3 percent of its purchasing power annually.

If I’m selling electronics, I’d focus on an older audience, which is usually Instagram or Facebook, as they have the purchasing power.

From Digiday

Republican officials are now trying to show just how valuable their own side’s purchasing power is by urging supporters to boycott companies that criticize voting restrictions.

Meanwhile, amid a booming economy, the ecstasy of female purchasing power could drown out scrutiny of what was being sold to women, from thousand-dollar heels and breast implants to snarky supermarket tabloids and teen pop stars in crop tops.

From Time

If you run the numbers a different way and measure purchasing power parity, Russia's economy is larger than Italy's.

In the Keynesian model, higher taxes are inherently anti-inflationary because they reduce purchasing power.

The purchasing power of holders of nominal debt must not be put at risk.

Their overwhelming priority is to protect the purchasing power of incumbent creditors.

This official Gulf purchasing power is important to Arab publishers.

But it possessed a latent purchasing power such as probably no other Government in history ever had.

First, the unstable bank paper money defrauded the wage earner of a considerable portion of the purchasing power of his wages.

Europe is bankrupt, and peoples pockets rustle with paper money whose purchasing power dwindles as they walk about with it.

A Mexican gold dollar weighs about half as much as ours and has less purchasing power.

What we need is a gold dollar fixed in purchasing power and therefore variable in weight.


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