pure reason

  1. reason based on a priori principles and providing a unifying ground for the perception of the phenomenal world.

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How to use pure reason in a sentence

  • Feelings are connected both with our sensuous nature, our imagination, and the pure reason.

    The Aesthetical Essays | Friedrich Schiller
  • Be pleased, then, to remember (First): That the actions of human beings are not invariably governed by the laws of pure reason.

    The Law and the Lady | Wilkie Collins
  • This thing of returning to Antrim had been a matter of pure reason, and then suddenly his heart had spread forgotten wings.

    The Wind Bloweth | Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne
  • The belief in supernatural miracles is in contradiction to pure reason, which lays the foundations of all science.

    The Wonders of Life | Ernst Haeckel
  • Kant, who won so great a vogue for the term "pure reason," understood by this originally "reason as independent of experience."

    The Wonders of Life | Ernst Haeckel